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We believe that candidates will succeed in a job, if:

  1. What is their job persona and what type of roles will suit them
  2. They know about the industry they are choosing and the role that they are going to perform
  3. Their career path is clear and they have made an informed choice


The Job Personality Fitment Test (JPFit Test) is a proprietary test developed by TMI Group. JPFit is a test where you have to select from a list of adjectives that describe you as a person. Why is the JP Fit Test special?

  • Informative: It not only focuses on giving you the personality report, but it also tries to educate you about the basics of each personality dimension

  • User Friendly: It is simple to understand and very easy to administer

  • Designed for Freshers (0-2 yrs exp): It is specially designed for freshers with very little or no knowledge about the job market

  • The Job Role Table: The best feature of the JPFit Test is the Job Role table which is an extensive research on entry level jobs available for each combination of suitable job groups. (This feature is limited to the detailed report)

  • YES Center –Interested candidates can meet our counselors for a personalized counseling sessionon the industries to choose, roles to apply for and advice on whether a candidate should under go apre-interview training program at our YES centers. Click here to know how to reach our YES centers.


Now you know your personality type, you know what job roles and industries you are suited for and how to apply for them. In various locations, for various industries, TMI will be conducting a 4 day – 3 days classroom and 1 day e-learning – candidate paid training program for the candidates to enhance their chances of clearing the assessment process. The fee for this program would be nominal.

The focus will be to give an orientation about the job role and the industry that the assessments are going to be conducted for so that the candidate knows more and performs well during the assessment process. This also means that industry and role oriented candidates will be joining the corporate.
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